Sega Rally 3 Arcade

  • I helped design the arcade cabinet and worked on Sega Rally 3 Arcade assets. The arcade cabinets were designed with a hydraulic powered seat, for up to 6 machines connected for the ultimate, multi-player driving experience. The WRC Ford Focus 2008 and Icelandic racer are shown in the examples. 10,000 poly budget. Mud, Snow & Dust Build-ups.  VRAY was used for the Focus render, Photoshop for the texture/livery.

Architecture Project

  • Architecture project using photographic textures and Daylight Mental Ray in 3DS Max to create photo realism.  I used various render passes to achieve the final result.

Sega Superstars Racer (Concepts)

  • Sega Superstars Racer concepts, to design racing vehicles to suit the characteristics of each Sega character.
  • This was a quick 2nd concept visualisation stage.
  • Characters included: Alex Kidd, Eggman, Gilius and Monkey Ball.
  • All modelled very basically and quickly in Max with simple max material shaders.

Patrick Football Boot

  • Patrick Football boot, created in 3DS Max and used for marketing purposes to sell the idea before being put into production.  (Renders and animation)  Textures created in Illustrator and Photoshop for a realistic look.

Combination Grooming Device

  • Combi-Groom, a self contained electric toothbrush and razor. For every young males grooming needs.  Using Solidworks for modelling and 3DS max for rendering.  Ghost X-ray render material used for main unit in green.

Dr. Eggman's Racer

  • Dr. Eggman's Kart made for ingame demo . I have also added the game textures: Diffuse, Ambient Occlusion, Specular and Normal map.  Renders in VRAY, textures created from Max and Photoshop.

Sculptural Light Project

  • Sculptural Light project, I created a working prototype and various engineering drawings.  The 2nd drawing is an exploded view of the base unit construction.  Using an Ink and Paint render material in 3DS Max.


  • BMXtreme is a Carbon Fibre lightweight freestyle BMX.  Used for competition to perform high difficulty stunts. Rider render was composed in Photoshop, render from Max and 2D image from a magazine.

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