Pick up the prizes Concept

  • Banner Designed for pick up the prizes website. It incorporates a 3D layered design with Las Vegas style lights. The image is designed for fresh, clean, expensive & sophisticated tastes.

Jumpgate Battlestation Concepts

  • Jumpgate Evolution end of level battlestation concepts through to final render.  Concept 01 was the chosen concept to develop . For more information please go to website http://www.jumpgateevolution.com
Battle Station Concepts Final Battle Station

Racing Concepts

  • Sega Racing concepts for Golden Axe "Gilius" & "Alex Kidd".  A blend of 2D images and 3D renderings for 1st idea phase.  The 3D images used a three colour cell shader, combined with an Ink & Paint shader, to give a unique art style.
Golden Axe concept Alex Kidd Concept

Racing Sketches

  • Sega Racing concept sketches through design development phase, from pencil sketches through to final in game kart model used for demo.  Ideas for MonkeyBall and Eggman Racers.
Moneky ball Kart Eggman Kart

Urban Fox Web Design Phase

  • Concept design stage for colours, button, logos, style etc.  please click on the images for a higher resolution image. www.catchthefox.com for website.  A combination of Illustrator and Photoshop have been used at this design stage. Adobe GoLive was used to create website.
Urban Fox development Logo Selection

School Prospectus Brochure

  • Brochure for School prospectus, managed from concept, photography, layout to print.  Please click on the images for a higher resolution image.  (PDF 2.5M) Images composed in Photoshop while the layout was done in QuarkXpress ready to export to the printer.
School Prospectus School PDF

Back 2 Basics Logo

  • Back 2 Basics company logo designed, which included: business cards, letter heading, complimentary slips & stickers all ready for print.  (PDF 3.5M)  A combination of Photoshop, Illustrator and QuarkXpress was used.
B2b Business Card B"B business card

Premo Design Logo

  • PremoDesign logo for my website from concept design stage to final logo which is used on this website.  Please click image for higher resolution images.  The logos were all created in Photoshop.
Premo Logo Final Logo

Clearwater Finance Logo

  • Clearwater Finance is a mortgage broking and financial advice company that needed a cutting edge corporate identity.  (PDF 60KB) From initial concepts to developing the final idea.  www.clearwaterfinance.co.uk  The graphics were done in Photoshop and rest was done in QuarkXpress.
Clearwater finance logo Clearwater finanace PDF

PS2 Cover Design

  • PS2 cover designed for Playstation 2, it features "Evil Bobs" Japanese truck, racing through an inferno of flames.  The Biker render was used on the front cover of the game and rendered in max with the default scanline render.
Big mutha truckers cover concept big nutha truckers biker render

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